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Bradley has been enthusiastically involved in clinical practice since 2010. For many years before and since, he has been doing his best to learn the ins, outs and betweens of the human body and all that we know about making it better. This started at McGill University in 2002 in the shape of a Bachelors of Science degree; Bradley then enrolled in the Masters of Physiotherapy Program at the University of British Columbia; he went on to complete a Doctorate in Physiotherapy with the Evidence in Motion Institute of Health Professionals. These degree programs accelerated Bradley’s knowledge and clinical skills and inspired his clinical practice. He augmented his formal education with a number of certificate courses including Acupuncture, Graston, and Manual Therapy training; as well as Chronic Pain, Alexander Technique, and Somatic Movement Education courses. These eclectic exposures as well as a love of the classroom have compelled Bradley to teach: he is a guest lecturer at the UBC Orthopedic Club, a UBC student mentor and supervisor, and is a co-founder and teacher of the ‘Journal Ortho Club’. 

Bradley’s practice ranges the whole spectrum of musculoskeletal conditions; that said, there are a number of areas he likes to focus on. These include spinal pain, shoulder disorders, hip and knee disorders, chronic pain, spinal stenosis, vestibular dysfunctions, and ACL rehabilitation.

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