Andrea Martens


About me

My name is Andrea Martens and I graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 2002 and have since been actively working in private practice.  My education has been furthered with a certificate in acupuncture/dry needling, training in vertigo/vestibular disorders, and advanced training in the Canadian Orthopaedic Levels, Sport levels, and Mulligan and McKenzie techniques.

I am the owner of a private practice clinic in downtown Vancouver called Urban Active Sport Therapy Clinic since 2009.  I have always worked to get to the root cause, rather than just treating symptoms, with tremendous success.

As an accomplished DJ and music producer, I have DJ’d internationally in Ecuador and Belgium. I play piano and guitar and often incorporate them into my music.  I enjoy creating canvas paintings and participating in athletics such as snowboarding, swimming, yoga and running.

Member type
Practising A
CPA Number
Additional qualifications
Acupuncture and/or Dry Needling*
Special areas of practice
Vestibular rehabilitation (dizziness/balance)
TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint)
Sports therapy
Orthopaedics (muscles/joints)
Manual therapy
Joint replacement rehabilitation
IMS (intramuscular stimulation)
Chronic pain